Friday, December 17, 2010

Where to Buy Cheap Glow Necklaces For Outdoor Parties

At any outdoor event held after nightfall, especially one like an open-air concert for instance which holds an atmosphere of relaxation and good cheer, the popular glow necklaces and other fun glow-in-the-dark items sell very well. If you are in a mood to make a quick buck, you can buy a choice of glow necklaces, glow bracelets and glow sticks for re-selling at a parade, a carnival, a school event, or any other type of circumstance where free trading gets a possibility and encouragement. All this sounds too good but where to buy cheap glow necklaces and other glow products to resell is what you may consider first.

Many people with insufficient knowledge about glow products may put off buying glow sticks, glow necklaces etc; as they think that in order to glow so lengthy and so vibrantly, the chemicals used in glow products will be harmful. Such people can rest assured that glow necklaces and other glow products are prepared from non-toxic chemicals, and in addition have sufficient plastic encasing which is quite enduring.

It is therefore not likely that your glow necklace will leak unless punctured with big enough holes. Moreover all other glow products are also non-flammable, non-explosive, and do not generate heat. Therefore, this information may have set you thinking where to buy cheap glow necklaces, as you now know that they are truly safe.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where To Buy Cheap Glow Necklaces: Some Pointers

The pleasingly radiant features of glow necklaces draw the eye of just about anyone at the parties you go to, and when you find where to buy cheap glow necklaces, life can get really fun. You'll be able to own quite a few of these beauties for your parties and other night-time outings, up to and including night time sports and even exercise like jogging or bicycling.

What powers the glow necklaces and other glow jewelry? A chemical reaction that's called chemiluminescence is response for the glow: chemiluminescence is the process by which glow supplies glow while creating little to no heat. It occurs when the two chemicals -- one in the outer plastic shell, the other in the inner glass vial, merged when you snap it -- mix and begin glowing. This glow is what makes the glow necklace such a fun article: It’s not an electrical brightness, and you don’t have to “plug it in” to get it working.

Possibly the only downside to glow sticks and the like is that once the chemical reaction has completely run its course, the glow fades for good. The duration of time that the necklace will glow can depend on some factors, with relative temperature being the biggest one. Typically, a glow necklace will last longer when placed in a very chilly environment (like putting it in the freezer), whereas putting it in a hot environment will make it glow brighter but last not nearly as long. Heat speeds up the chemiluminescence while cold slows it down.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glow Sticks Have A Lot Of Uses

Glow sticks are transparent plastic tubes that glow when snapped to activate and, best of all, do not require electric power sources or any other sources of energy. They are primarily based on the chemiluminescence principle, which was first established in Bell Labs and China Naval research labs. The patent, however, was first claimed by the American Navy, who were looking for a way to create portable, lightweight light sources that didn't generate heat and didn't need a lot of maintenance.

The glow jewelry gets its glow from the two chemicals mixing together, and they are for single use only. Someone may ignite the glow sticks or glow bracelets or glow necklaces but they should know that once they're turned on, they can’t be paused for later use. The only way to even try to make the glow supplies last longer is to store them in the freezer after snapping. The cold slows the chemiluminescence, preserving the glow for longer.

These glow in the dark items are waterproof, shock proof and require no extra energy sources and do not radiate heat. So it follows that they are extremely useful in various types of cases like night diving, military signaling, aircraft landing on or off aircraft carriers and other military or civilian naval expeditions.

Glow sticks are also used in the mines as they can be used in these environments where even a little heat can lead to a catastrophe like an explosion. They are often also used as fish lures and in other night time fishing activities. And, of course, glow sticks are used in dancing and in other parties like Halloween and New Year eve’s parties. Fun and profit!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glow Sticks: How They Work

Glow sticks are sometimes referred to as light sticks or rave sticks. They have become the most popular items in many celebrations and other big events.

But it is not only during these celebratory times that people buy and use these great pieces of glow jewelry, but also in medical field, rescue operations, and military and police uses. These glow supplies are very handy and portable and do not need batteries nor electricity to give out light. The glow emitted from the stick is induced by a chemical reaction called chemiluminescence.

These glow products are made up of two different chemicals, hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester, as well as a fluorescent dye. These chemicals are separately contained in an inner glass vial and an outer flexible plastic casing. To make the sticks glow, just bend the plastic tube in the center, exerting enough pressure as to break the inner glass. You will see the two chemicals will mix with each other. Shake the stick a little and there is the glow. The fluorescent dye that is mixed with the chemical gives the color of the light.

Glow Sticks: The Process

What are the glow sticks made of? Or more precisely what are these chemiluminescent materials?

Glow jewelry and glow supplies generally contain a fluorescent dye and two chemicals. Sensitizer or fluorophor are the usual dyes and the chemicals inside the inner glass container are the mixture of diphenyl oxalate and dye. Hydrogen peroxide is contained in the outside plastic chamber. The chemical reaction of the oxalate ester with the peroxide results in oxidation of the ester and release of phenol and 1, 2- dioxetanedione.

Peroxide turns to carbon dioxide and in the process releases energy that in turn excites the dye which releases a photon. The wavelength which defines the color of the dye is depended upon the chemical structure of the dye. Here thermal reactions are forbidden and only photochemical ones occur.

Glow sticks contain chemicals which could be turned to harmful in nature. So, if the outer container is broken, then it is wise to not let the chemicals touch your skin or be ingested. This may cause irritation or even vomiting and nausea and smoking with them having opened is not safe.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Glow Sticks: Safety Measures

Sometimes, glow sticks are cracked or broken, and the chemicals may come into contact with your skin.

They are not that harmful. However, to be on the safe side, you need to observe some safety tips before you or your kids start enjoying glow sticks, or their cousins glow bracelets, glow necklaces and other glow jewelry and glow supplies.

1. Do not intentionally break the stick to produce a leak. If this happens accidentally, you need to dispose of the stick immediately.

2. If you get chemicals on your skin, the nasal area or your eyes, promptly wash with water. This may cause a little discomfort when these get to your eyes.

3. When poured on clothing or furniture, the stain may be very hard to wash off. The chemicals will also damage paints and wood finish.

4. For children below 3 years of age, it is not advisable to let them play with glow sticks. Supervision by adults is required for those kids. Do not, by any means, ingest the chemicals of glow sticks. When this happens, you may get nausea. Contact a doctor.

5. When you are in a party and holding a glow item, be careful where you are swinging your arms, because you might hurt somebody else.

6. Your pets also need to be protected. When you see your pet ingest the chemical, you should contact your veterinarian.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Where to Buy Glow Sticks For Various Applications

Glow sticks are popular novelty items used in entertainment venues after dark. These are also used for safety or part of costumes or decorations. The mini glow sticks measuring 1.5” are the most saleable items in the market for its varied uses. These can be put inside balloons at kids’ parties, and can be used also during Easter egg hunts. Do not fail to bring some mini light sticks to accompany you while camping or hiking. You should be smart enough to know where to buy glow sticks. You can use these products to trail markings and help you find you way back to your campsite in the dark. If you get lost, these can help rescuers to find you and get you back to the site.

If you are an experienced fisherman, find out where to buy glow jewelry that you can use for your night fishing. If you inquire from some stores, you might be offered the 1.5” glow sticks for your rod tip lights and marking your bobber. It is good to try these sticks as attractant to your bait. Better still, you experiment with different colors to find out what color is most attractive to fish.